What Do You Need to Start Playing Board Games


Board games have become a cult niche of entertainment, which gets more and more involvement among big groups of friends. If you have never played a board game, you don’t know the exciting feeling when your dice gave you the greatest number. Good thing is that it’s never too late to start playing. Such games require no special age, physical or intellectual abilities, only interest, and a bit of free time. However, there are certain things you can’t do without. Let’s check them closely.

Core things to play board games


Company of Friends

The perfect number of people for playing board games is 5 participants. There are certain games that involve fewer or more players. For instance, chess or draughts require only 2 players. Yet, the most exciting games need not too few and not too many people. Lack of players will give poor social interaction, and too big company may cause a mess and confusion.


All board games need some supplies to play with. It can be cards, maps and miniatures, and what’s the most important, a board. However, there are some games that don’t have a board (e.g. Cards against Humanity), and they still are included in the board games category. As a rule, you can buy everything you need in a specialty store. The games with colorful roles often involve character sheets, where the players should record the characters’ health, power abilities, stamina, and other changeable data. The sheets primarily were used in Dungeons and Dragons game. If the sheet is not included in gaming set 5e, you can buy it separately in online stores or just print a pdf version that is publicly available on the Web.


Almost all board games have instructions and rules provided in the set or written on the box. Yet, complex games may have books with the game process explanation. The famous game Dungeons and Dragons have dozens of manuals, guides, and reference books. The rules had been significantly updated in 2000, which was reflected in DnD 3.5 books. There’s no need to “deep dive” in all the literature to play a quality game. If you want to master the most popular versions, you will have to get only DnD 5e or DnD 3.5 players handbook. It also isn’t necessary to know all the rules, but you’ll have to navigate them at least roughly.


Dice has already become a symbolic element of board games. Yet, there’s more details and secrets about this little thing than it seems at first sight. The classic cube-shaped dice are not suitable for some games. Besides, instead of dots, dices may have numbers, images, or other symbols. Dungeons and Dragons game requires a 7-dice set. As a rule, you can get it in starting equipment 5e and 3.5 or buy a dice box.

Dice throwing skills

Often, the game outcome depends on the numbers, which the dice gives to the players, thus making the result unpredictable. The fact that every player (not the smartest and the most creative one) can win, makes the game exciting to all participants. Each polyhedral dice regardless of the dimension is to provide random results. However, recent researches have proven that there is a certain correlation between the received number and the way you throw it. Avid players may know and apply it, and so should you. There’s a better chance that the dice will land upward with the side that was on top when you held the die before throwing.

Character creation

Most players would agree that the board games with characters are the most exciting because such games go as a story, not a plain play process. DnD character creation walkthrough is one of the most intricate. It defines how characters act in situations. The more details are provided, the smoother the game goes. Yet, the preparation won’t be too difficult; you don’t have to study 5e monster manual. Players’ handbook with the guide is enough not to get confused if you create characters for the first time. D&D characters’ creation doesn’t apply strict limitations, thus allowing the players to use their creativity. However, it’s recommended to pick one edition and adhere to its’ rules, otherwise, a character may be too strong or too weak.

Appropriate attitude

This part is way different than the real stuff that you need to get. Yet, without serious approach the game risk to disappoint players. If you are ready to start playing board games, make sure you can be involved as much as possible. Do not solve business questions when everyone else is playing, do not get distracted with phone calls, and do not quit in the middle of the game. After you and your friends get more experience, you’ll learn how to go away for a minute to make a coffee without losing enthusiasm. That’s why it’s better not to choose a game that can last for hours if you have never played it.

In any case, board games are developed to be fun for all players; so, if everyone is interested, this entertainment won’t fail. Gather your friends and start to assault dungeons and monsters!

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