Make It Fun With Spheres

Another blog another topic about decorating our beautiful homes!

This will be about decorative spheres. Because, why not? With their unique shape, they will elevate your decor, and bring it to a whole new level. It is something you would want to consider when creating your next vignette.

Of course, we are here, Crafty Crocodile to guide you and help you as always! Aside from the fact that we sell decorative spheres here on our website, we are also glad to show you some tips on how to implement some design ideas!

Styling with Trays

Trays will always be your best friend when decorating your home. They will allow you to create a visually attractive group that can actually be moved around your home. Either you fill that tray with spheres, or you can combine it with any other decors of your choice.

Featuring our Blue Metal Band Decorative Sphere”



Decorative Spheres are a nice addition to any corner of your home. And you can never go wrong with tabletops. Whether it’s a dining table or a side table. Just a plain design, or beside a lamp or books. You choose!

Featuring our Medium Black & Gold Iron Band Decorative Sphere”


Decorating Rule

It is known that whenever you decorate at a certain space or top, it will be more appealing when you create a group of three or five. One decorative sphere, a candle, and a vase with fresh flowers will look so nice.

Featuring our “Red Metal Band Decorative Sphere” and

“Medium Galvanized Metal Band Decorative Sphere”


Wall Hanging Shelves

Isn’t this a beauty? I would say it is pure beauty. You can mix and match with other stuff like plants or other decors of your choice. It could be farm style, classic, modern, colorful, anything! As they say, you design what your heart desires.

Featuring our “Small Gold Metal Band Decorative Sphere”


I would say:

Decorating isn’t that hard after all. You may be a beginner, but if you put your heart and mind into it, you will come up with a very attractive and outstanding style inside your home. You just mix and match, or add some other elements. The good news is, You can always count on us! We are here to give you great choices of decorations that you can use. You can explore our website to see our stylish and durable products!