Animal Decors

As we are always talking about the advantages of inviting nature and natural imagery into your space, we will focus on Animal Decors on this topic.

There are many great ways that you can incorporate animal themes in your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom and beyond. Get creative and take a walk on the wild side with animal motifs for your home. Redesign your home with animal motifs that show your love of nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures.


Farm/Rancher Style

For a farm/ranch-style animal motif, go for a chocolate and mahogany color scheme. Add in distressed wood accents with plaques, end tables, and lamps. Think farmhouse with a modern twist.

You can use some of our famous decors, like the Black Distressed Rooster Metal Wall Decor and Cow Corrugated Metal Wall Decor. Place them on your walls or door, you can also attach some wood accent to them to bring them to life. As shown below.







A Bit Wild

Not into farm animals? We still got you. Animals from the wild decors can definitely be a perfect match for your modern interiors. They could simply add some twist and fun to it. Another great thing about them is that they can be placed in a room with dark walls or a ceiling. An office will do, also if you are a bachelor type of person.

Here, you can see two of our products that could be a great decor for you!

Bear Silhouette Metal Wall Decor and Brown Geometric Fox Head Metal Wall Decor


Designing your animal themed home redecorating project is easy. First, decide on which animals you want to include in your plans. The colors you use will be largely dependent on which animals you choose. Go wild with creativity.