Going Vintage

Filling our home with unique, vintage finds can be something. There is beauty in the old and imperfect. In frayed edges and tattered covers. In the worn-out and faded. Vintage decor is all about filling a home with charm and character. Here are a few items from our store that can help you achieve that style.

Yellow Metal Truck

Throw it back to the good ol’ days, and fill your home with vintage treasures! Yellow Metal Truck features a gorgeous distressed yellow body, realistic shape, and movable wheels. Display it on your favorite table with vintage candies and signs for a nostalgic focal point!

Green Truck with Wooden Flat Bed Decor

Give your home a vintage feel with Green Truck. With a dark green color and detailed chassis, this truck will satisfy the special antique lover in your life. Place it on tables, counters, and shelves! Drive some style into your living room!

White Vintage Kitchen Scale Decor

Rustic White Decorative Scale with Clock features lightly distressed, white painted metal with a shabby chic, chippy paint finish. The scale includes a tray that can be used to display artificial fruits in a kitchen or dining room. A vintage-style clock is attached to the front of the scale.


The first step to decorating with vintage decor is to let go of your traditional idea of what “home decor” means. Vintage is awesome because it’s different. It’s not the type of decor you’ll find at the store. It’s unusual. Unexpected. Unique. In order to see that beauty, you can’t be afraid to mix it up and stray from the norm. It may take a while to see that if decorating this way is new for you, but looking at decor differently is the first step to realizing the magic of vintage. Once you do, you’ll never go back. I promise.