Hello there! We are a creative team that professionally develops and promotes Brands on this website, Amazon and other e-Commerce Marketplaces.

All we understand that e-Commerce is the Future of all retail trade. And this area is not easy to dive in. We do have the experience and expertise to offer a comprehensive partnership that gives your brand the infrastructure, technology, and proven strategies to reach customers and drive consistent growth. Here's only a short list of what benefits will get your Brand from cooperation with us:

Increased Sales

We will exposure and advertise your products on our website and all other Marketplaces where we operate.

Solid Product Exposure

We know how to make quality product photos and descriptions. All customers will fall in love with your Brand!

Effective Advertising

Get a comprehensive advertising strategy, and daily ad management focused on efficiency and sales increasing.

Exciting Blog Posts

We will regularly describe all the benefits of your Brand products in blog posts on www.crafty-crocodile.com .

Fantastic Social Media

All our subscribers will receive exciting and useful information about your products on a scheduled basis.

Meet The Leadership Team

Top industry with proven experience who are hands-on in managing projects

Yurii Pokutsa


Andrii Levadniuk

Chief Operating Officer

Valerie Gerr

Logistics Manager

More about how we can promote your Brand

  1. Setting Brands up for success by making sure it’s mission is articulated properly and prominently displayed;
  2. Branding Positioning – We will ensure your Brand is always in a better position than your competitors;
  3. Catalog Management – An organized, optimized catalog, free of duplicates, and variations that detract from a brand’s core offering.
  4. Minimize Channel Disruption – Online marketplaces should be a high-value extension of your
  1. Image – A visually enriched experience that allows customers to see and fully grasp the benefits of the product.
  2. Product Message – Accurate messaging that reflects a product’s best qualities and unique selling points.
  3. Rating and Reviews – The most effective content is supported and validated by positive reviews.
  1. Product Discovery – Employ a set of strategies to support market growth and customer acquisition across channels.
  2. Personalization – Custom-built listings that are made for your target audience.

Premium Packaging – We extend the buying journey by providing a premium packaging experience that punctuates every purchase.

This one is admittedly much harder to do than other value props we have discussed, but it is possible.

Preemptive Customer Support – Nurture customer relations by ensuring answers to your support questions are easy to find.