Who does not know or love DIYs? Not only do they have so much to teach us about resourcefulness, but they are also wonderful invitations to experiment and explore how common materials can be transformed into home decors.

We offer here some materials that can be used not just for arts and crafts, but for decorating your home too!

3″ Black & White Harlequin Wired Edge Ribbon

2″ Zinc Plated Metal Ribbon with Open Ovals

1 1/4″ Zinc Plated Metal Ribbon with Flower Scroll

3/4″ Zinc Plated Metal Ribbon with Ovals & Dots


Being creative does not focus on home decors, you can also make small items for gifts and other stuff for yourself. So, here are some other art materials you might like:

Always remember, creativity is the key. One simple material can be turned into something spectacular. Home decorating with art materials and crafts looks interesting, pleasant, and unique. Check and explore our website to see more options for you.


As we are always talking about the advantages of inviting nature and natural imagery into your space, we will focus on Animal Decors on this topic.

There are many great ways that you can incorporate animal themes in your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom and beyond. Get creative and take a walk on the wild side with animal motifs for your home. Redesign your home with animal motifs that show your love of nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures.


Farm/Rancher Style

For a farm/ranch-style animal motif, go for a chocolate and mahogany color scheme. Add in distressed wood accents with plaques, end tables, and lamps. Think farmhouse with a modern twist.

You can use some of our famous decors, like the Black Distressed Rooster Metal Wall Decor and Cow Corrugated Metal Wall Decor. Place them on your walls or door, you can also attach some wood accent to them to bring them to life. As shown below.







A Bit Wild

Not into farm animals? We still got you. Animals from the wild decors can definitely be a perfect match for your modern interiors. They could simply add some twist and fun to it. Another great thing about them is that they can be placed in a room with dark walls or a ceiling. An office will do, also if you are a bachelor type of person.

Here, you can see two of our products that could be a great decor for you!

Bear Silhouette Metal Wall Decor and Brown Geometric Fox Head Metal Wall Decor


Designing your animal themed home redecorating project is easy. First, decide on which animals you want to include in your plans. The colors you use will be largely dependent on which animals you choose. Go wild with creativity.


Another blog another topic about decorating our beautiful homes!

This will be about decorative spheres. Because, why not? With their unique shape, they will elevate your decor, and bring it to a whole new level. It is something you would want to consider when creating your next vignette.

Of course, we are here, Crafty Crocodile to guide you and help you as always! Aside from the fact that we sell decorative spheres here on our website, we are also glad to show you some tips on how to implement some design ideas!

Styling with Trays

Trays will always be your best friend when decorating your home. They will allow you to create a visually attractive group that can actually be moved around your home. Either you fill that tray with spheres, or you can combine it with any other decors of your choice.

Featuring our Blue Metal Band Decorative Sphere”



Decorative Spheres are a nice addition to any corner of your home. And you can never go wrong with tabletops. Whether it’s a dining table or a side table. Just a plain design, or beside a lamp or books. You choose!

Featuring our Medium Black & Gold Iron Band Decorative Sphere”


Decorating Rule

It is known that whenever you decorate at a certain space or top, it will be more appealing when you create a group of three or five. One decorative sphere, a candle, and a vase with fresh flowers will look so nice.

Featuring our “Red Metal Band Decorative Sphere” and

“Medium Galvanized Metal Band Decorative Sphere”


Wall Hanging Shelves

Isn’t this a beauty? I would say it is pure beauty. You can mix and match with other stuff like plants or other decors of your choice. It could be farm style, classic, modern, colorful, anything! As they say, you design what your heart desires.

Featuring our “Small Gold Metal Band Decorative Sphere”


I would say:

Decorating isn’t that hard after all. You may be a beginner, but if you put your heart and mind into it, you will come up with a very attractive and outstanding style inside your home. You just mix and match, or add some other elements. The good news is, You can always count on us! We are here to give you great choices of decorations that you can use. You can explore our website to see our stylish and durable products!




In love with farmhouse style? Looking to get that beautiful blend of classic country and cozy charm into your home? We can help you with that.

Modern farmhouse style means a little something different to everyone, but there are a few universal aspects when adopting this style. If you step into a space that’s farmhouse chic, you’ll notice it feels warm and inviting, but also practical and bright.

Aside from the bright walls, weathered wood, and lights effect, modern farmhouse style also has that personal element to it. Whether you’re a crafty type or a DIYer, farmhouse style is as much about the work you put into it, as the items you buy.

Here are some items that you might like as you start decorating your own farmhouse!


And many more! Feel free to explore our website to find out more items that you can use when you start decorating your own farmhouse. What do you think of these items? You can leave a comment and also we will appreciate it if you share this blog!





Succulents are incredible design choices because they naturally contain so many shapes you can work with and integrate into the look of your space.

Transform your dwellings into a botanical wonderland with Succulent Metal Wall Decor! It’s made with dozens of pale metal petals, colorful edges, and a classic succulent look. Pair it with other decorations like flowers, trees, and adventure-themed items for a bright and lively bedroom, bathroom, or office. Grow into your space with style!

The kingdom of plants thrives where sunshine and water interlink. Some are strong, some are gentle. Behind every plant, whether big or minuscule lies a symbol, a hidden meaning that can be discovered by us humans.  Succulents symbolize enduring and timeless love for they are tenacious plants that store water in their thick leaves and stems.

Our customers are really falling in love with these. They are having fun mixing and matching them to other wall decors.

Added some dimension and flavor to my wall. I love it!”

“Absolutely love this! Adorable! Great quality, color, size, weight, just everything!” –




The kitchen is where you provide nourishment for your family. The kitchen provides our sustenance through food, but it’s also where special connections are made. That is why it is important to put some effort into decorating our kitchen. So below, are some items from our store which you can use to add life to your wonderful kitchen.

Metal Coffee Cup Decor



Nothing wakes you up more than a hot cup of coffee, so start the day off right.    This is a stylish way to remind you to take a cup of coffee once you enter your kitchen. It can also be placed beside the coffee corner not just in your house but in the office. You can be simple by just putting it alone and add some plants beside it, or you can add some other wall decorations around. 



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A home is a place where you need to feel both comfy and content, that’s why the interior has to be practical, but also cozy. Chasing handy appliances and furniture, we often disregard style. As a result, it doesn’t feel relaxing to come to the house. If you’d like to make your place homey, check these simple ways that can turn the cold interior into warm and stylish.

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Crossed arrows have a powerful symbolism. Ancient people believed in a mystical power of arrows, which made them a favorite amulet of native American tribes. Nowadays, crossed arrows are mostly used as a stylish decoration to emphasize the special atmosphere of an interior. But it still can strengthen the energy of the house and attract positive vibes. Continue Reading…


Surprisingly to admit, board games’ popularity is blooming in the time of the best computer games and social networks. Nowadays, it’s not a weird thing to see a group of people playing a board game in a pub on a Friday night. Being quite simple, how did board games manage to get millions of fans and collectors around the World?

Perhaps, the board games’ popularity is not about time, it is about the access to the variety and ability to extend your social circle. Shops are full of options, YouTube reviews help understand if we will like a particular game, and social networks allow discussing and sharing experience.

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Each house outdoors has a backyard, an area covered from prying eyes. This place is great to relax on weekends, grow flowers, and gather friends. A skillful decoration can make it a point of pride. If you design it yourself, perhaps it will let you enjoy your backyard more than a professional designer’s work. Here we will consider the easiest ways to make your backyard stylish and cozy.

When planning the decoration, you need to take into account the size of the yard, children, pets, and other factors that are to influence the design. The other important thing is not to overload the area with decorative elements and not to huddle them in one place. As well, the decoration style is to match the house exterior.

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