Miles Kimball Bracelet Fastening Helper

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  • allows you to wear bracelets you could not fasten previously.
  • made of steel, not easily breakable plastic.
  • perfect for arthritis pain relief.
  • also ideal for back zippers, french cuffs, makes necklace clasp easy and much more.
  • measures 6″


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Easily fasten tricky jewellery clasps with this Bracelet Buddy. Bracelets can be difficult to fasten if you don’t have help at hand, but here’s an ingenious solution. The Bracelet Helper Buddy holds one end of a bracelet or watch so you can secure the clasp without struggling. Works in reverse for easy unfastening of bracelets too. It’s like having an extra helping hand Simple and quick way to save time and make life easier. It is the best gift for Mother and Grandmother.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 0.25 × 0.25 in






12 reviews for Miles Kimball Bracelet Fastening Helper

  1. Mr. E.

    Just what I needed! Easy to use and hold.

  2. Dennise

    Wonderful !

  3. Maremare13

    Works well. I don’t feel that it clamps down to hard. Does what it needs to do. Glad I bought it.

  4. Christopher

    I manage a large high end jewelry store. So many of my clients struggle getting bracelets on themselves. I ordered a bunch for my store and have been giving them to my best clients. Works so easy and takes the frustration out of putting on your favorite bracelet.

  5. Laurie Rocco

    Easy to use, makes putting on a bracelet a breeze!!!

  6. N. Male

    Works it purpose

  7. Veronica Frazier

    I didn’t need a fancy one I just needed one that works and this one was perfect especially for the price. Really good quality.

  8. P Gigac

    My wife always asks me to help with her clasps, some are so small and hard to hold. This thing makes my job a bit easier.

  9. RobF

    Something so simply, yet it helps so much! I recently had a stroke and now wear a medical alert bracelet. I got a few interchangeable bracelets so I can change up my bracelet and not always be wearing the same thing. They have lobster claw hooks on 2 ends. My hands and eyes aren’t perfect anymore and I am beyond tired of always asking for help. This little tool makes it so I can put on my bracelet without help from anyone. It took a little to get used to using it, but now I can fasten my bracelets by myself in seconds.


    This thing is so awesome! I love it. Its so easy to use and really helps to get bracelets on! I wish I had bought it a long time ago!
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  11. joseph bragdon jr

    Girlfriend uses it.
    She loves it

  12. NSHB

    Awesome idea! If u ever have difficulty trying to put on a small lobster clasp bracelet or frustrated cuz the bracelet keeps dropping off ur wrist, then u must buy this tool. Simple concept but a great tool idea. I would improve on 2 things: 1) make it a bit more sturdy so that u cant bend the head. Although I did cuz I needed a slight angle for my use. 2) have the aligator clip open larger, men’s bracelets have larger beads or hardware to clamp on. Sometimes the clasp not enough room to clamp on to put on the bracelet. But in any case, get this tool. So much easier n faster for bracelets!

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