CraftyCrocodile Space Saving Hangers, set of 4

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  • Each space-saving hanger holds 5 regular hangers for 5x the storage space
  • Designed in durable, molded plastic
  • Set of 4, each 2″ wide x 10″ high
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Our space saving hangers details.

Each supersturdy space saving hanger holds five regular hangers for five times the storage space.

Our closet hooks are designed in durable, molded plastic.

Space saver hangers help organize closets as they are cascading hangers.


Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 1 in








4 reviews for CraftyCrocodile Space Saving Hangers, set of 4

  1. chris

    It is basically a hanger for hangers. If you have extra vertical room in your closet, AND a strong hanger rod, and your wife has waaaaaay too many clothes like mine does, these are pretty good about saving space. They are made out of good heavy plastic, thicker than pants hanger plastic.

  2. Mike Taylor

    These do save a lot of space in the closet or in the laundry room .Never had one break although they look and feel pretty cheap .

  3. Kathy

    No assembly needed. I hanged 5 shirts on each hanger. It wasn’t much of a space saver as the shirts ballooned forward, thus taking up much space. so, 4 hangers filled with 5 shirts is a whole lot of space; plus being very heavy for the rod. I guess I prefer the look of 20 colorful shirts “standing” at attention single file on the rod.

  4. Sunshine

    First, you can trust the seller. The customer service is great. I placed two orders, but the first one never arrived. They immediately refunded my money as soon as I notified them. (Although I will be re-placing that order soon.)

    Second, on to the product. I am desperate to have my closet handle more clothes. I’ve tried lot of different things, all of which got a lot of good reviews and worked well for lots of people. I tried a 6-tier blouse tree, a 5-tier blouse tree, a 3-tier blouse tree, a tank top organizer, the wonder hanger, and this little green hanger.

    Once you get clothes on them, ALL of them sort of pooch out in the middle. Can’t escape that. The rod in my closet is not high, so I had to consider how low things would hang. The tops in the picture are all roughly the same length.
    For me, the blouse tiers and tank top organizer didn’t work. They made the closet look organized, but once I had something out, it was difficult to get it back in. I like to take my clothes right out of the dryer and hang them up in the utility room and then take them to my bedroom already on hangers (minimizes the need to iron, and I hate ironing.) That doesn’t work at all with the blouse trees. So that leave the wonder hanger and this green one.

    The wonder hanger has hanging hooks on both ends (annoying) and the clothes hang lower, although with a bit more space between each garment. For me, this little green hanger is the winner. It’s compact, sturdy, takes up less room than the others, easy to get thing out of the closet and put things back into the closet. For the price, you can’t go wrong.

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