Mission Gallery Plant Watering Globes Set of 4 – Small (100ml)


Plant Watering Globes exclusively crafted for plant lovers and provide you reliable plant irrigation for everyday. Plants are always taken care even when you are away. Great for most pots, house plants, planter boxes and hanging plants.

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  • NOTE – The set of 4 watering globes is Small, with each globe can hold 100ml, which is sufficient for 5 days of plant irrigation
  • Plant Watering Globes – Convenient device for watering indoor and outdoor plants to save your time. Each water globe is individually-crafted and made of high-quality glass and holds 100 ml of water. Now monitoring your plant irrigation is much easier
  • Easy To Use – Self watering globes are very easy to use and can be mounted in several steps. First, water your flower to make the soil wet or loose. Next, make a small hollow and insert the bulb filled with a small stream of water into the ground next to the plant at the angle of 60 to 75 degrees. Watering bulbs for indoor plants will allow you to forget about watering for 5 days. Then just repeat all the steps again
  • Healthy Plant Irrigation – Self watering bulbs slowly release the exact needed amount of water. This helps the root system of the plant to develop properly. Your plants will always be well-groomed and stay healthy
  • Time Saver – Watering globes for indoor plants are perfect for flower lovers with no extra time to take care of their plants. The ball will solve the problem of watering thanks to its hydration system that will never overwater your plants
  • Great Gift – Plant accessories are a great gift for those who love gardening, such as self watering spikes that are very beautiful and have a universal design, but the main thing is that such plant waterer will always keep your plants fresh and safe if you are too busy with your own business

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 11 in


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