Mission Gallery Plant Watering Globes Set of 6 – Small (100ml)

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Plant Watering Globes exclusively crafted for plant lovers and provide you reliable plant irrigation for everyday. Plants are always taken care even when you are away. Great for most pots, house plants, planter boxes and hanging plants.

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  • NOTE – The set of 6 watering globes is Small, with each globe can hold 100ml, which is sufficient for 5 days of plant irrigation
  • Plant Watering Globes – Convenient device for watering indoor and outdoor plants to save your time. Each water globe is individually-crafted and made of high-quality glass and holds 100 ml of water. Now monitoring your plant irrigation is much easier
  • Easy To Use – Self watering globes are very easy to use and can be mounted in several steps. First, water your flower to make the soil wet or loose. Next, make a small hollow and insert the bulb filled with a small stream of water into the ground next to the plant at the angle of 60 to 75 degrees. Watering bulbs for indoor plants will allow you to forget about watering for 5 days. Then just repeat all the steps again
  • Healthy Plant Irrigation – Self watering bulbs slowly release the exact needed amount of water. This helps the root system of the plant to develop properly. Your plants will always be well-groomed and stay healthy
  • Time Saver – Watering globes for indoor plants are perfect for flower lovers with no extra time to take care of their plants. The ball will solve the problem of watering thanks to its hydration system that will never overwater your plants
  • Great Gift – Plant accessories are a great gift for those who love gardening, such as self watering spikes that are very beautiful and have a universal design, but the main thing is that such plant waterer will always keep your plants fresh and safe if you are too busy with your own business

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 11 in

24 reviews for Mission Gallery Plant Watering Globes Set of 6 – Small (100ml)

  1. Victoria

    These are really great for small pots! They are fragile and have varying spout sizes, but mine didn’t break when pushing it into the soil. They do really well at watering the plants as long as the soil isn’t completely dry when placing these in. Oh and they’re really pretty!

  2. Better than Expected

    I love these! The size and quality are exactly what I had hoped for my indoor plants. Each piece is beautiful, the glass (looks like hand-blown glass) is gorgeous!

  3. Solution to chronic overwatering problem

    If you have a habit of showing love to your plants by watering them until they die, these are perfect for you. I bought one set to see if they would work and ended up buying two more sets to make all my plants happy. Lots of comments about hand blown or not. Who cares. They are glass and they work.

  4. Renee

    These are so cute. They’re small for indoor plants, but we’re perfect. I love that my plants haven’t started drooping since I’ve been using it. Great for every day use it just when you’re traveling for the weekend or more.

  5. Jackie

    After having several types of these these work great. The other ones were too long and they all broke. These are shorter and don’t fall out perfect

  6. Good value

    Love the color options & how small they are

  7. Heather

    These watering globes provide plenty of water for your plants, flowers and herbs during spring/summer/fall months. Thanks!

  8. Very pretty!

    These globes are very pretty and perfect to use if you’re going out of town or tend to be forgetful caring for your garden! They add a touch of color and decor to my plants and I enjoy them!

  9. Casey

    My plants are watered and I don’t have to worry on a daily to make sure they are watered

  10. Traveling

    Works great for plant lovers who travel

  11. Watering Globes

    Good product with a good price.

  12. for very small plants only

    If you use them for a normal size plant you will have to refill them every couple of days. These are only for small house plants.

  13. Aleksandra

    The item is exactly as advertised. Very satisfied with the purchase

  14. Just lovely

    They are so cute. Great for small or short pots. I love love love them . colors are great too .

  15. Great value

    Wife loves them

  16. Best Price

    They are small and a little hard to fill but this particular seller gives the best value- best price.

  17. Stephanie

    They def work, some are hard to fill though

  18. Kristen


  19. Perfect

    Colors are amazing and great size

  20. Great colors!

    These colorful glass watering ball are adorable. They are small in size and fit well in 4-8 inch pots.

  21. they were broken

    the end was broken

  22. Raniok

    They work great! I’m using them in my indoor herb garden and they are the perfect size.

  23. Anthony

    Just love them work well for small indoor plants

  24. Nice


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