D&D Starter Set +Extra Pack

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  • DnD Starter Set: a perfect gift for beginners. The material is easy to follow and understand. 
  • 7 sets (42 dice). This D&D Rolling Board Game comes with Complete set of 42 dice total. 6 Sets of Dice, 7 pieces per set. 6 different colours. Each set contains: one d20, one d12, two d10 (00-90 and 0-9), one d8, one d6, and one d4.
  • GET AND PRINT BONUS PACK YOURSELF: We will additionally send you a set of printable materials by email. Please, print them yourself.
  • BAGS: Each set comes with a flannel drawstring pouch to store your dice.
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Inside of the box, you will find the following:
-The Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set 5e :
D&D: Starter Set Rulebook (32 pages)
D&D: Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure/campaign book (64 pages)
Six polyhedral dice (blue with white numbers)
Five pre-generated characters printed on the new D&D 5e character sheets
Human Fighter (Greatsword, high Dex)
Human Fighter (GreatAxe, high Str & Cha)
Dwarf Cleric
Halfling Rogue
Elf Wizard
One blank character sheet

– Seven Acrylic polyhedral dice (6 sets)
– Black Bag (6 pcs) Size 3.54”X2.36”(appr.)
– Additional value: we will send you a Complete Printable Bonus Pack by the email message. Please, print it yourself. This great DnD Starter Set contains:
– 30 Paper Figures
– 1,000 Basic Pre-generated Characters
– Blank Character Sheet
– Horizontal DM Screen
-1″ Grid Sheets (2 types)

– eBook ″ How to Roll Dice to Get Best results″


The Dungeons & Dragons gaming set 5e is your gateway to action-packed stories of the imagination.

Our dnd 5e gaming sets contain the essential rules of the game.

Any newbie who picks this up will be happy and will want more!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 in






19 reviews for D&D Starter Set +Extra Pack

  1. LibbyNikki

    I purchased this item for my daughters Birthday gift, as she is 13 and newly showing interest in playing D&D (super fun right!!). Not only did the items come exactly as described, but I received a personalized email with TONS of extra items to print out to help her in her quest to get to know the game! Perfect kit for players of all levels!!

  2. Katelin DeMaagd

    If you want to start playing D&D or become a Dungeon Master this is the product to use. It comes with a setup perfect for a Dungeon Master and gets you ready to play almost instantly. Totally recommend for everyone interested in D&D.

  3. LibbyNikki

    My 10yo has been interested in learning how to play D&D as kids at school are talking about the game so she used some of her savings to buy this kit. I had a kit back in the 80’s but had no idea what was going on and no one in my family was interested so it never got any use – the game just seemed to complicated for us to figure out on our own. This kit arrived on time (actually, a day early – those Sunday deliveries from the USPS continue to surprise me). As stated in the product description, n addition to the regular D&D game package, she received the bonus pack of all the dice sets plus we received an email with a PDF that has tons of other materials. She is not sure what to do with it all yet but is excited to learn. The bonus PDF itself looks very thorough – there are lots of character descriptions, some tip sheets, cut outs of characters and a game sheet to keep track of what is going on (I think – again none of us know what is going on yet), oh and the PDF has a book that has to do with rolling the dice. Seems like whoever put this together really thought through what extra materials would help out a beginner, which is much appreciated.

  4. Catherine Parrish Tejnecky

    Amazing product, there was no visible damage to the items or packaging. Haven’t played yet but can’t wait to play.

  5. Alyssa

    Extra dice sets and bags are a big plus, but not top notch quality material, but tbh, this is an all rounder pack to get you started- like the name literally suggests-, so adjust your expectations according to that.

    Pre-created characters are fun to play as npc or to be played by your party if they wish. Im in just started reading the adventure, but so far, it gave me bunch of ideas to use in my own campaign. Core rulebook is great for to play this campaign with your group as an entry point to DnD.

    Online material is not a game changer but it gives you ton of material to use as a DM and i received it as soon as my purchase was confirmed.

    In general, everything in this set is a great represantation of its name, a starter set to get you immersed in the role playing hobby, and if you are interested, oh boy you re gonna have a good time.

  6. Juli


  7. Gustavo Herrera

    Everything came out fine. Good for begginers to start understanding the game, but if your intention is to create your own characters and campaign, better buy the players handbook and the dungeon master books instead.

  8. gordon k. carvalho

    My son loved this set! Just learning to play and everything you need and more is included. Great deal for the dollar.

  9. Tim

    Had zero problems getting the email, the shipment came in great time, cant wait to get playing. Three out of five stars!

  10. Customer

    What came is what was promised! All brand new, and everything that wasn’t within the box came through with the downloadable items 🙂 Thank you so much! The dice are very nice and durable as well!

  11. Pauli

    Excellent starter set for new players.

  12. Smart shopper

    This was the perfect gift for my daughter who is just starting out playing. It’s got plenty of extras, and is ready to play right out of the box.

  13. Vincent W. Edie

    Was great way to start out playing dungeons and dragons

  14. Colby Schumacher

    Awesome product and everything was perfect. Quick shipping too. 5 stars overall.

  15. Mandalore

    My 11 year old twins boys love this!

  16. Isaac Glover

    This product was perfect for my 13 year old son. He was so excited when he opened it Christmas morning. Thank you!


    Sucks that you should have multiple friends to play with instead of yourself like a PC game, cause you have to wait on people. But overall, love it!

  18. romarod27

    Worth every penny

  19. Julian

    The starter set is obviously as advertised, and the done that came with the set were nice dice. The sets are 7dice sets, and there are enough sets to cover a full game of players and DM. You don’t have to buy anything else to get started on your initial journey into D&D!

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