Clear Plastic Placemats Table Protector – Set of 4 and 6

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Placemats shield your kitchen counter, desk and vanity table’s surface, craft tables, furniture or floor from damage caused by daily use. Transparent placemats protect your surfaces while displaying natural beauty.

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  • High-Quality – Table placemats are made of premium quality polyvinylchlorid. Plastic sheets are durable, flexible and very pleasant to the touch, and suitable for everyday use: cooking, working, studying, or painting
  • Complete Protection – With this plastic table cover, you can easily protect a table from splashes, scratches, and stains. Clear placemats are made in 18×12 Inch, an optimal size to fit any table
  • Versatile Use – Plastic place mats are universal. Can be used indoors and outdoors. Perfect for dining table, kitchen countertop, office desk, shelves, and for drawing table to protect you from felt-tip pens and paints
  • Perfect Crafting Spot For Children – The table rug is an irreplaceable thing on your baby ‘s play-table. When the kids are engaged in drawing, modeling or other creative activities, no need to worry about washing the table afterwards
  • Minimalistic Design – Transparent mats will not hide the beauty of your table and will be a great addition to any interior
  • Easy To Clean – Vinyl placemats do not need any special care, just wipe them with a cloth, and it is clean. They can be rolled up if needed, which is very convenient to store

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 1 in

Set of 4, Set of 6

20 reviews for Clear Plastic Placemats Table Protector – Set of 4 and 6

  1. Margaret Yuhas

    I got these to protect a set of handpainted placements from spills while eating, intending to remove them between meals. They work perfectly and protect the table linens even when the youngest grandchildren are here!

    Best of all, the plastic is clear enough to let the beauty of the placemats show through while protecting from stains. They work so well and are so non-intrusive that I often forget they are still there when I clear the dishes.

    I think these are going to really extend the life of my linens. I won’t hesitate to use some of the more delicate placements that I had usually kept for only special occassions. With these protectors, I will feel more easy about using them more often.

  2. towlie

    using this to protect my desk top. Works well.

  3. Talia Williamson

    These are perfect for my toddler at the table with his booster seat. They are glossy and clear so I can still enjoy the table cloth without having to clear the table and wash the cloth every 2 days. The placemats are much simpler to clean. I didn’t want the fun placemats with pictures as he doesn’t need anything distracting or temptation to flip a plate. These are exactly what I wanted. Also, they have a protective film on each side. Leave it to the kid to figure that out. Peel them and they are perfectly clear rather than cloudy.

  4. Dan

    I was looking for something I could use over my favorite cloth table cloth. These matts are perfect. They are easy to wipe off. I don’t know how durable they are since I’ve only had them for a month but they seem heavy enough to hold up, especially for the price. Heat resistance is also something I really can’t address since I haven’t put anything hot directly on them. In summary, they work great for protecting my cloth table cloth .

  5. barbara cline


  6. R Larson

    thick, I use to keep makeup off my desk and it works well to keep my cable box from scratching my dresser! I also cut it and put a piece in a drawer

  7. Debra Acosta

    So cute I love that they are clear so I can leave them out and see my counter! Still looks nice

  8. Sha

    I bought this to cut and use with our name tags. I was able to use my Cricut to cut it down to the size that I need. It remains durable even after I cut it down. I found it easy to clean off and still completely see-through.

  9. Rukia1988

    arrived in good shape, looks as depicted. slightly opaque, not perfectly clear. decent quality.

  10. Amy Smith

    used these to put under lamps and vases on brand new glass tables. Work wonderful, almost invisible like I wanted. Now they can protect my table from scratches and glass rings

  11. sequin

    I wanted these to be able to enjoy my tablecloth without the usual soiling. They are very clear perhaps even too much as you can barely see where it begins or ends. Eventually you get used to them and you really enjoy them and save
    your table and or cloth

  12. Bernadine

    They have a film on them that you’re supposed to peel off to make them more transparent

  13. jeanette

    These placemats do a great job keeping my table clean. I don’t think I would use them on their own but I do use them on top of my tablecloth. When my child spills on them it is easy to wipe them up. They’re also very durable for how thin they are. They do have a little bit of a frostiness to them making them not 100% see-through but I would say they are about 80 to 85% see-through. you definitely can see my tablecloth through them but you can also tell that there is something there. Great if you’re looking for just something to protect your tablecloth from your children. The only thing I wish they had the capability of putting them in the dishwasher every once in awhile. I haven’t had a need to put them in the dishwasher because they wipe clean pretty easily but it would be nice to have that option. It would also be nice if they were just a little bit thicker.

  14. Customer

    Haven’t tried to use they to see if they are heat resistance. They are super easy to clean. I bought them ro use ontop of nice cloth tablecloth, and they blend right in. Good size, not too big. Seems sturdy.

  15. Emilie

    These are ok but not really like the photo. I thought they were going to be a translucent matte finish but they are clear and shiny. Not really what I wanted but they work fine.

  16. Michigan Book Fan

    Loves them, protects tablecloth

  17. SSBunch

    I love these! I haven’t put anything really hot on them yet! They are NOT cloudy if you remove the covering on each side. You have to gently lift a corner and remove! They are very clear after removing!

  18. April D.

    I use them for craft surfaces – clean up is a breaze

  19. Sullyjackson

    This are indeed clear. Saw the reviews of them not being clear and did not care to much about it so I ordered but after getting them and seeing pics of people saying they are not clear I think they are not taking off the protective film on both sides.

  20. Alice


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